About The Project

I was watching Oprah. That’s how this project started. What a cliché. Bono was releasing an amazing campaign on her show to help those with Aids, Malaria, and TB around the world, and I was in awe of the devastation so many of my brothers and sisters so far away are experiencing every minute that goes by. I checked out the website of The Global Fund, an organization dedicated to the relief of these conditions, and learned:

  • Approximately 3,000 people die from malaria each day in Sub-Saharan Africa, most of them children.
  • Over 250,000 children die every year of TB. Children are particularly vulnerable to TB infection because of frequent household contact.
  • More than 13 million children under the age of 15 have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and this number is projected to double by 2010.

The Fountain Of Life Gospel Choir recording 'Make A Wish Real' at Paradyme Studios

I was frustrated by how powerless I felt to do something about it; a spectator. Whose job is it to reach out to those in need? How far should we reach? The wealthy and celebrities often have easier access to farther and wider reaching efforts, but does that excuse me? True, we are so busy we don’t schedule enough sleep or self-care into our lives. But for some, much of that busy-ness is by our own design. I asked myself, "could YOUR time and talents be useful to people near and far away struggling with HIV/Aids, Malaria, and TB, or is my money the only thing that can help?" I’m a songwriter, so I immediately wrote a few tunes. Then I asked some fellow, talented songwriters if they felt inspired to do the same, and they said the magic word, "yes". Then I asked many Madison area businesses if they’d be willing to help, and a special collection of them said "yes". So another compilation to help a worthy cause is born. Of course, we NEED your financial contributions to help the Aids Network assist those touched by HIV/Aids at home, and The Global Fund with those suffering from Aids, Malaria, and TB around the world.

Monica Davidson recording 'Make A Wish Real' at Paradyme Studios

But let your contact with us be more than that. Play the music to your friends, buy a concert ticket, make a donation, wear one of our T-shirts or promo items available on the website, and TALK ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON. Let it light a fire in you to ask the question, "could my time and talents be useful to people beyond my family & friends, near or far away, struggling with something that my heart pains for? How can I re-design my life to fit this in?" You have talents. You were born with them. It doesn’t matter if they’re the kind that get you on T.V. or not. What are you DOING with them? People unbeknownst to us NEED us to make the most of our time and talents. They need you.

I hope this project sends the following messages. In a town like Madison, Wisconsin, we can show that when we unite:

  1. Average, everyday Americans care and can help our brothers and sisters struggling far away, as well as at home
  2. Even locally successful artists, through their craft, can help those in other countries
  3. Our unique, creative gifts working together to reach out makes good things happen

Thank you to my wife and partner on this project, Susan. Thanks to my in-laws and our kids; Madison, Sophia, and Kaia for allowing us the time. Thanks to our Advisory Council; Paul Stiegler, Annette and Chris Ashley, Carrie Bohman, Amy Schwab, Delphine Vakunta, and Mark Fetzko. Thanks to Eric Hester for invaluable consult, and The Aids Network for their cooperation and support. Thanks to the artists for their ownership of these causes, and our sponsors & helping friends for caring and their contributions. And finally, thank you for supporting us in helping our brothers and sisters in need. Let’s keep it going.

- Len Mormino, Project Coordinator